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The Hardest Thing In This Hobby – Letting Amazing Deals Slip By – Miles to Memories

Mark has some good points here. If you find yourself getting FOMO each time an amazing deal shows up, just remember that there will always be more. Sure, it’s a bummer to have to pass on many. But you can definitely book a “deal” that may not be a) ideally timed for you nor b) a place you *really* want to go. I have to admit, though, there is a certain “thrill of the chase” that I get with miles and points deals.

You Might Be A Travel Addict If… – Your Mileage May Vary

So many of these resonate with me. After my recent trip to Finland, I had multiple people wondering why I’d go for just a couple days. Hey. It was for a “deal” (see above)!

Current IHG Point Breaks map and sortable table – Points with a Crew

I want to give Dan a shout out for continuing to map the lists of properties each and every time a new Point Breaks list comes out. It’s a fantastic resource. If you want some cheap IHG stays, take a look at the map.

Chinese Airlines Losing Billions On International Flights – One Mile at a Time

China’s cheap fares are definitely having an effect on other airlines. American in particular cut all flights to China out of ORD. Crazy that the state airlines lost $3 billion USD over last year.

The headline also brings this to mind. Sorry, not sorry.

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