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Air New Zealand Beats Qantas to the Punch, Launching New York Non-Stops Next Year – View from the Wing

I really didn’t see this one coming. But it’s bound to be a fantastic move for Air New Zealand. With all the focus on Project Sunrise, I’m surprised I hadn’t read anything about the potential from New Zealand. The Aukland – Newark route actually clocks in shorter than either Qatar’s Doha to Auckland or Singapore’s Newark to Singapore flights.

Finally: Boeing Fires CEO Of Commercial Airplanes – One Mile at a Time

It’s taken forever for there to be a real shakeup at Boeing. Boeing CEO Muilenburg (different than Boeing Commercial Airplanes) lost his role as Chairman. But not much else has changed. The latest pilot communications that surfaced, however, are quite damning.

Hyatt, You Disappoint Me With Your Terrible Room Charge Rules – Miles to Memories

Say it isn’t so. Hyatt can’t do anything badly. Mark is obviously wrong.


Having just made a whirlwind trip to Helsinki, I did some reading before (not much) and during (mostly at 3:00 AM when jet lag wouldn’t let me sleep) the trip about this cool Nordic country. I literally laughed out loud that they have a “wife carrying championship”. First prize? The wife’s weight in beer.

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