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October was quite an eventful month. Amex just relaunched their Amex Green Card with a 45,000 Membership Rewards points bonus. Here’s a recap of all the important news and events in the miles and points space in the month of October.

The disturbing recent trend with American Express Cards

While Amex still remains one of my favorite credit card issuers, I outline reasons as to why they’re making changes that aren’t quite as friendly to existing cardholders.

Tips and Tricks to get a great credit card retention offer

I outline steps about my strategy when it comes to getting a retention offer. You’ll find this useful if you’re looking to get some handy tips and tricks in prepping for your next retention call.

Hilton Cartagena Review

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Hilton Cartagena. Cartagena is a wonderful city and I was glad I was able to make the most of my time there.

An ordeal while trying to deal with Avianca’s customer service

As much I enjoyed my time in Colombia, dealing with Avianca’s customer service was a nightmare. Have a read in case you’re planning on redeeming your Avianca LifeMiles any time soon.

Credit Card Reconsideration: How to ace the recon call and get approved

What should you do if you’re not instantly approved for your credit card? A few handy tips and a script that will help you prepare for your next call.

Does United’s loyalty program deserve your loyalty?

In light of the constant changes being made to major airline loyalty programs, where does United stand now that it is going to remove award charts for United metal?

A new Google Maps feature stirs controversy

Google Maps introduced a feature that’s surely handy for drivers, but cops aren’t quite seeing it in the same way.

Amex in no mood to play games, cracking down on bad behavior

It seems like American Express isn’t the bank to mess with. They’re cracking down wherever they possibly can, so it’s best if you tread carefully with Amex.

Increased (80k) Delta co-brand sign-up bonuses available until Jan 29, 2020

This is not a recap. This offer is still available! Here’s how you can still get the elevated (60-80k) Delta SkyMiles credit card bonuses, all the way till January 29, 2020.

So that was a recap for the month of October. Hope you all have a fantastic November!

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