That’s right, you read it correctly – one boarding pass with two flights on it. In all the years I have been flying, I have never seen anything like it.

Usually when travelling on a multi-sector itinerary, you’re given a single boarding pass for each flight. That seems to be a thing of the past as you will see below.

A Boarding Pass With Two Flights

Recently I was flying KLM on a trip from Dublin to Amsterdam in economy and then from Amsterdam to Toulouse in business. Everyone had to go to the desk to get their boarding passes, even if you checked in via the app. Imagine my surprise when I was handed this bad boy!

It amazes me that nobody has thought of this before. It saves paper, which is good for the environment, is cheaper and more convenient all round to have one boarding pass instead of two. Mind. Blown!


The only confusion I experienced was in Dublin. Check-in was separated into two lines, one for group one and two and another for the rest. My boarding pass clearly said Sky Priority on it due to my connection being in business class. However, since I was in economy, I was in Group 4.

Naturally I decided to try my luck and lined up in the Sky Priority queue for group 1 and 2. When the lady walked the queue, she told me I was in the wrong one, so I just innocently remarked, “but it says Sky Priority” and she let me stay. I doubt many people would have a mixed class itinerary, so it’s probably a rare problem.

Overall Thoughts

The boarding pass with two flights is pretty cool. Clearly I think that as I’ve just written a whole article about it and my experiences with it, which I am sure has changed your life 🙂

Have you ever come across more than one flight on a boarding pass before? Which airline was that? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Jonathan Palombo via Wikimedia Commons.