What are the elements of an enjoyable flight? This is different for everyone as everyone has their own tastes and desires. Sometimes the planets align and you get just about everything you like on a single flight.

In my case, this was on a flight from Berlin Tegel to London Heathrow in Club Europe on British Airways. From start to finish, everything was exactly as I like it, which I really enjoyed.

Flying Business Class

I really enjoy flying business class, especially when I use my frequent flyer miles for it. It makes it feel a little more special as it is a reward for travelling so often. This trip was booked using British Airways Avios so it cost me virtually nothing.

Even better is the fact I was travelling with a friend of mine. Usually I travel alone, so it was great to be able to share the experience – not to mention having someone to talk to!

Are These The Most Important Elements?

On board service can vary considerably from flight to flight, even on the same airline. When the cabin crew are experienced, good at their job and happy in their work it really shows.

Throughout this flight from Berlin to London, the crew kept the drinks topped up. That kind of attentiveness is really appreciated as no-one likes to be on the receiving end of a disappearing crew.

Afternoon tea on British Airways in Club Europe is served between 14:00 and 16:59. You can choose from a Ploughman’s lunch or finger sandwiches. I really wish they would bring back the scones with jam and cream as the sandwiches look like the sparse option. That being said, the Ploughman’s is quite satisfactory.

Other Little Things

One of my pet peeves is people who put their feet up on the bulkhead, as I think it is completely unnecessary. You don’t put feet up on the walls at home, I wouldn’t think, but it does create a conversational piece when it happens.

Finally, it’s all about the Champagne. British Airways serve Champagne, not sparkling wine or Cava or any other iteration of the beverage. I really like it.

Landing Champagne is a thing I have. When you have some left and it’s 10 minutes to landing, the crew will decant it into a plastic tumbler for safety reasons. This way you can sip all the way to the gate which is really quite nice.

The Flight Details

My flight reviews usually contain the flight details at the beginning, but this isn’t quite a review. It’s more some random thoughts on a flight. Even so, I should include them so here they are.

BA993 – Berlin Tegel to London Heathrow (TXL-LHR)
30 March 2018
Airbus A320-200 – G-EUYW
Seat: Club Europe 2D
Departure: 14:30 Arrival: 15:30

I think that should satisfy any kind of blogger OCD in my head!

Overall Thoughts

Perhaps because it is so familiar, all of these elements make a great flight on British Airways in Club Europe for me. It was really fun to have it all come together so well on this flight from Berlin to London.

When you fly, do you have particular things that when they occur really make the flight stand out from the others? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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