The future is coming and that future appears to be small electric air vehicles to get around cities. Today in New Zealand a prototype electric air taxi has been unveiled, flying around on camera for people to see.

It’s called Cora and can carry two passengers around 100 kilometres. As it is electric, it is more environmentally friendly than your traditional car or taxi and of course you can fly places which may be lots faster.

Have A Look At Cora

A little one minute video has been released showing the air taxi in action. As you can see, it takes off and lands vertically thanks to all the lifting propellers on top of the wings.

According to the video it is also very quiet which is vitally important as no-one want extra noise pollution if it can be avoided. It is all very interesting indeed.

Are Electric Air Taxi Services The Future?

Various companies throughout the world are looking into this kind of technology, so we could see these flying around sometime in the next decade.

If and when they are certified, they have the potential to be quite disruptive. Not only will traditional taxi services be impacted, but there are implications for a whole host of other things such as meal delivery services and more.

Would You Ride On One?

As the headline says, these are self-piloted and therefore automated. You would get in and the vehicle would take you off to your destination automatically.

Naturally there are a lot of regulatory hurdles to get past first. Are they safe enough? Where do they take off and land? Will they be restricted from operating in certain areas?

People are also going to have to get their heads around not being in control. Things like automatic electric trains at airports are accepted but flying is another thing altogether.

As long as it’s proven to be safe and affordable, people will eventually accept it. That’s what I think anyway and I am sure that is what companies developing the technology are relying on.

Overall Thoughts

I’m quite interested in seeing what this new technology brings. Now that battery technology and composites have developed to the point where this is feasible, it is only the beginning of what could be possible.

What do you think of automatic electric air taxis? Would you fly in one to go from place to place in your city for example? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Christchurch NZ.
Other image via Thomas Heinser via Kitty Hawk.
Additional information from The New York Times.