Top Tips for Pre-Arrival (basic but I forgot most)

  • The confirmation email has a pre-arrival checklist. Send it so they can be ready for you. Also helps you to think about what you want out of this visit.
  • Get light round neck T-shirts, and not just polo’s.
  • And comfortable shorts/ lower-wear that don’t need belts.
  • And gym clothes and not T-shirts that flap about when you are doing the plank.
  • And sunblock (though it’s available in the store).
  • And your gym shoes even if you won’t use the gym.
  • For arrival at Koh Samui, see my blog

Everyone needs this sort of “DUI”. Some of you may be thinking about it but not done anything, some blissfully unaware that you need it. We all do, so, as Nike says, Just Do It! To be clear for those who maybe unfamiliar with the term, DUI normally refers to being caught “Driving Under the Influence” of substances like alcohol. I have used the same initials to refer to something very different.

I won’t get into why, what & for how long. If Thailand fits into your plans to do this, Kamalaya in Koh Samui is super. I heard about it from friends, and am very happy I decided to do this, and came here to do it.

This is the day1 blog of my weeklong stay with a focus on logistics. I can already see my later blogs being full of the awesome experience of being here.

What is Kamalaya?

It is a beautiful resort on a hillside about 40 minutes drive from the airport. With lovely rooms, pools, a beach, great food, a library with books, friendly staff, massages & a gym. Sounds just like a regular resort? It sort of is, but is really meant for those of us who have decided to “DUI”. To enable that, it has different packages (see below). It also keeps temptation at bay, by only displaying healthy food. If you want lamb chops & alcohol, it’s there but you have to ask for it. The whole resort, in keeping with the “DUI” experience is a quiet zone. I wouldn’t recommend coming here with kids (no iPad at lunch = death!).

The Package

There are many on offer such as Weight Loss, Stress, Detox and I chose the 1 week Embracing Change. For about U$3400 you get accommodation, F&B (excluding alcohol), airport pickup & drop, several massages and sessions with a Mentor (I will describe this tomorrow, really worth it). Plus one has access to many free offerings of yoga, Reiki, breathing, meditation & the like that helps one unwind. From May-September, Kamalaya offers discounts, so go then if the timing works.


For an experience like this, I suggest you choose basic accommodation. My room was not luxurious, but nice & comfortable. I have to lightly oil my dry hair, so the shampoo must cleanse well, and the one here does. The bathroom shelves contain scrubs that I like to use when showering, so look for them if you do too.  Wifi is available only in the rooms and cost U$30 for my 7 day stay.

My First Amazing Experience

Many people of told me that breathing exercises can be very calming, but I didn’t know what they meant. On the evening I arrived, I saw there was one and went for it. I wont describe what it was as you to have experience it yourself. But after a few minutes, I was in nirvana. My body was totally relaxed, the tension had drained out completely and I was almost asleep on my chair. It is really very simple & when I tried it again later in my room, it worked like a charm.

As I said earlier, you have to go for this “DUI”, and if Thailand fits into your plans, go to Kamalaya in Koh Samui. If not, make it!