Dressing up for Halloween?

With Halloween just days away, it’s a question that’s been on my mind.  I was never big on Halloween, so it’s a wonder that I am even thinking about dressing up for Halloween.

That is not to say that I’ve never dressed up for Halloween, or that I don’t admire the creativity that goes into a lot of the costume design.  On the geekier side, some of the more memorable costumes I’ve come across include Star Wars and Super Mario themed characters. You also can’t go wrong with the Harry Potter theme (that is, unless you are dressed up as Lord Voldemort — I have yet to see anyone dressed up as that character!) and I had fun seeing someone in a Mona Lisa frame costume.

Pokemon Inspired!

I didn’t think about dressing up for Halloween until earlier in the month when I was using my Pokemon Go app. I suddenly thought, “Hey, I could dress up as my own Pokemon avatar!” After all, I know my Pokemon from when I used to watch the show (first season). I am a fan of a few of the Pokemon movies and I know Pokemon Go inside out. And, if my Instagram is to be believed, you’d think Pokemon is always on my mind.  For guys, the avatar outfit is relatively easy given that it is a sweatshirt hoodie.  For the gals, the outfit is a bit more complicated.  There are a lot of DIY videos on YouTube; I particularly like this Pokemon Go DIY video.

Aviation Inspired Costumes

If you’re an AVGeek and you are interested in aviation-themed costumes, you are also in good company!  There are also some good ideas here.  Not surprisingly, pilot costume tends to be a popular choice.  If you have kids who like planes, there are lots of adorable airplane costume ideas to browse through on pinterest!

In Summary

Since I started late on the costume idea, I likely won’t get all the materials I need delivered on time (and then I need to customize it) for this Halloween.  If it doesn’t work out schedule wise, all is not lost. Another way I’d like to think about it is that I’ll have a huge head start for next year!  Funny enough, I was at a local retailer the other day and came across a t-shirt with the text, “I am too lazy to dress up for Halloween”.  While I made some progress this year, maybe I should’ve gotten that T-shirt, after all.

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?  If so, what or who are you dressing up as?  What are some creative costumes you have come across?  Or do you not bother with Halloween anymore?