LAS VEGAS – Yesterday I posted a blog post from 30,000 feet about almost missing my 7 a.m. US Airways flight to Las Vegas, and I realized that I can’t complain. Readers are chiming in with far more amazing stories in the comments section (below) – and I encourage you to read them all. There’s one I want to highlight today, with more to come in the future…

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Here’s reader fabinhoBP’s story:

I have frequent business trips to Brazil and usually I fly out on Sundays and back on Thursdays. One of those trips I ended up scheduling my return for Wednesday for some reason I do not even remember now.
I went to the Airport on a Thursday as usual and was informed my flight had departed the day before. I ended up paying rescheduling fees + huge fare difference that cost me almost the price of a new ticket.
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Ouch! That’s one painful – and expensive – story! I could completely see that happening.

Readers: Have you ever rushed to the airport and realized that, for whatever reason, you got the day wrong?