Back in late 2023 I took advantage of the JetBlue status match being offered to dissatisfied Delta loyalists. The “Mosaic on the DL” promotion matches Medallion members to any of four Mosaic elite levels. My own status matched me to Mosaic 3 (sadly, the status match offer is now closed).

What intrigued me the most were the four Move to Mint certificates being offered, even though I would not earn Mosaic 3 the “normal” way. These have serious value. I used one in late 2023 to fly from JFK to SFO, which was my first experience in JetBlue’s premium cabin. The other ones went unused.

But not to worry. I got four more for 2024. The best part is that I was able to extend my Mosaic status without even flying.

Requalifying for JetBlue Mosaic for 2024 the Easy Way

The status match terms had an interesting option. Rather than extend Mosaic status via collecting tiles, all you needed was to have a JetBlue Plus Card or JetBlue Business Card by 12/30/23. I’d previously had the personal JetBlue card, but I was able to successfully apply for the business credit card before the end of the year. I’d been unsure I’d be approved, having been denied the last couple times I tried to get a new credit card from Barclays Bank. This made requalifying for JetBlue Mosaic a cinch.

As promised, the status extension hit within the first few days of January. This means Move to Mint Certificates through 2024. I was curious if new ones would be provided or if the remaining three would be extended. Turns out brand new ones were issued.

Beyond this, I’m excited for some of the other perks provided by Mosaic 3. Having access to Even More Space (extra legroom) is a great perk. I rarely travel with checked baggage, but the luggage allowance is also excellent. But I’ll still assert that the four Move to Mint certificates are the best perk.

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All the JetBlue Mosaic perks are kept for 2024

It’s crazy that you can fly a fare for fewer than $150 one-way (or less than 10,000 points one-way) and potentially get upgraded to a cabin asking $1,000 more. Even if I only fly JetBlue a handful of times, this is a huge reward. Even better, the new Move to Mint perk lets you confirm the space ahead of time, unlike my 2023 flight which didn’t confirm until roughly 24 hours before the flight. I already have one itinerary locked in for 2024.

My one experience with JetBlue on the phone as also helped sell me on the airline. Besides one trip several years ago, I had never flown the carrier. But I had to cancel a ticket at the last minute, and the agent I got was abundantly clear and extremely professional.

How Will This Affect Flying in 2024?

The first thing is that Delta will see very little paid flying, if any. I’d already not flown the Atlanta-based carrier all that much in 2023. When the elite program changes were announced, I gave up on trying to achieve any elite level in 2023. And I don’t plan to do so in the future after having status on and off for a few years. I’ll also be canceling my last Delta credit card this year. I still have a pile of SkyMiles to burn through, though.

United has been the mainstay for work travel back east. And this is likely to continue for some of 2024. They’ve been dependable, and they are the only major carrier that serves our local airport.

Beyond this, I’ll likely consider JetBlue for domestic travel. They’re not exactly convenient from the West Coast, but you can connect to a decent number of places in the east. With newly banked JetBlue points, this’ll be a solid award option. We’ll see what I’ll be able to do this year.

Did you take advantage of the JetBlue status match? Will this change your travel plans this year?