Pick-Pocket Proof Clothing

I recently came across a good read on what to do if you get pick-pocketed in Athens.  Anyone can be a victim.  While I have been scammed (over waffles, no less), I have been fortunate to not have been a victim of petty theft during my travels.  Interestingly, it was also during my planning phase to Athens some years ago that I looked into possible solutions.  At the time, I decided to buy my first-ever pick-pocket proof pants.  The pants are pricey, but I figured they would make a good long-term investment. I also figured that they could also be worn on casual days with its khaki style.



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Does Pick-Pocket Proof Clothing Actually Work?

While the pants are comfortable, I haven’t worn them as often as I thought I would.  I like that the pants have a lot of pockets, which acts as a deterrent to some potential thieves.  I also took these pants with me on my trip to Geneva, Switzerland.  Given the high cost of living in Switzerland, I know some people may be surprised that pick-pocketing is a problem in some areas — I certainly was. Fortunately, I had no issues in both Athens and Geneva with the “pick-pocket proof” pants.

Do the pants really work?  It’s hard to conclude.  To be accurate, I can’t say that there is a causality between the pants and not becoming a petty theft victim.  It’s possible that because I am aware, I’m more on the alert.

In Conclusion

No one wants to think about potentially being a victim of a petty theft when planning a trip.  However, the reality is that if you end up losing wallet, you have to take time out to file police reports and re-apply for ID and travel documents.  This wastes valuable travel time, not to mention that the experience would negatively dent your impression of the destination. As part of trip planning, it’s generally a good idea to not only know what makes a destination ticks, but also be aware of some of the known issues.

Whether these “pick-pocket proof” clothing actually works or not is highly debatable. However, I must admit I get a better peace of mind when I travel with these pick-pocket proof pants.


Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with clothingarts except as a one-time customer.

Have you been pick-pocketed before?  If so, do you know how it might have happened and could it have been prevented, in hindsight?