You know a frequent flyer programme is a disaster when the latest e-mail you receive from the airline is titled, “Claim missing Avios and Tier Credits today”.

It is over nine months since Aer Lingus launched a new frequent flyer programme called AerClub and people are still experiencing issues with the programme. Flights not posting continues to affect passengers on a regular basis.

Lurching from Disaster to Disaster

AerClub launched late and when it did some people reported they were unable to log on to their accounts. Others reported their new status level was lower than it should have been and many flights were reported as missing.

It took a full two months before a missing flights form was provided on the web site which is mind boggling. The fact missing flights are still an issue this far in is pretty surprising.

Advice From Aer Lingus

The e-mail mentioned above provides a bunch of advice for those missing flights in their statement. Obvious advice such as use your new AerClub number and not your old Gold Circle number and to make sure your details in your account profile are up to date.

It also goes on to give details on how to claim, linking to the form and explaining what details you will need to do so. My favourite piece of advice is that you can only earn Avios and Tier Points on flights in your own name. Just what are the Irish doing?

The Biggest Disaster of All

Checking out the Aer Lingus web site, it says the following under Collecting Avios – “Collect Avios points every time you fly with Aer Lingus and our airline partners.” Partner airlines are British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and United Airlines.

You are going to be out of luck if you have been flying on the partner airlines and crediting to AerClub. The latest e-mail specifically states the following. “We are currently awarding on Aer Lingus flights only – awards for travel on our AerClub partner airlines will follow later in the year.”

Under partner airlines on the web site it mentions this. “This process is taking some time and the Avios points will be credited as soon as possible.” The programme has been live for 9 months now – what a disaster.

Flights on partner airlines worked in the previous Gold Circle Club. Why it’s not working in AerClub is anyone’s guess. Aer Lingus state all the partner flights will be stored as long as the AerClub number is present. That said, I would advise people to keep copies of their tickets and boarding passes just in case.

Overall Thoughts

Come on, Aer Lingus! It should not be this difficult to get it right. Fix your wagon and prevent a further disaster happening. To be fair, I have claimed a missing flight and it appeared perfectly a couple of days later. At least the form works as advertised.

That being said, people should only be required to claim for the odd flight here and there. Some frequent flyers are reporting whole batches of flights missing and having to constantly manually claim.

The lack of clarity with regards to partner airline flights is also a concern. Communications should be clear and concise, a point that seems to be missed when it comes to AerClub. Definitive dates are avoided and only half information is provided.

Have you had any issues with the AerClub? Please feel free to add any comments or questions below. Thank you for reading.

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Featured image by Pat Flynn via The Clare Herald. All other images via Aer Lingus.