Best Vegas Dim Sum?! DO TELL!

I love Dim Sum! But it is so hard to find a good one these days. They are either too dirty, salty or just not pleasant and comfortable.

I’ve been eating at Ping Pang Pong at the Gold Coast for a couple years now and the taste is really good! The Gold Coast is a locals casino off the strip. While the taste was good, I didn’t like how the floors were sticky and the seating was too close to the gaming area which caused it to be very smoky at some areas of the restaurant.

No problem anymore! They moved to a new location in the Gold Coast, and it is REALLY NICE! The new restaurant now seats over 300 guests, making it double the size of its original space.

The restaurant looks really nice now! And much cleaner! The dim sum is still good as well, and the price is very fair!

I’m so happy they remodeled, and that now I have a dim sum place to look forward to every time I head to Vegas!


Have you tried Ping Pang Pong? What did you think? Or do you have any other favorite dim sum restaurants? Comment below!


Happy travels,