Ok. Maybe I’m going crazy. I know I used Hilton’s points pooling feature shortly after it launched, and it worked just fine. There was no difficulty transferring Hilton points. I pooled points with my in-laws, and later did a second transaction to send them some back after a new card bonus hit my account. But this was a couple years ago now.

Fast forward to today, where I’ve been trying off-and-on for a month to combine my wife’s points with mine. I used (what I thought) was the same process: request to pool, link is sent, other person clicks through the link, and then initiates the transfer.

But it hasn’t worked. And I’ve tried at least four times.

difficulty transferring Hilton points

My Difficulty Transferring Hilton Points Via Pooling

The first time I tried to pool points, I was in a rush. I tried to initiate the transfer from my phone, which was a bit difficult with multiple logins and emails I had to navigate. I’d hoped the transfer would happen swiftly, as I potentially needed the points for a stay the following day. They never showed up, so I ended up using Radisson points to book a different hotel.

Belatedly, I realized that the transfer never processed. It was for a fairly small amount, like 30,000 Hilton points. I decided to work through the process again, trying to transfer all the points from one account to the other. Maybe the first time it was simply a glitch?

A few days later, there was still no points movement. I turned to my friends with Miles to Memories, asking if they were aware of any issues with pooling or transferring Hilton points. It was suggested that I use a different email than the one on my wife’s account. This seemed odd, but I was willing to give it a try. Sure enough, I was able to send a pooling invite to another of my email’s and then just log in through that link.

But this didn’t help. Still no points. We were going on two weeks since the first time I tried. I gave it one more shot, this time noting down the transaction ID in the process.

Reaching Out By Email and Phone

The back end of the Hilton points transfer system is powered by Points.com, so I resorted to emailing them. There is no phone number to call. They responded a little over 24 hours later, instructing me to call Hilton.

After spending 15 minutes with a Hilton rep at the Diamond Desk, I was able to open a customer service case with Hilton to see if they can process the transfer. I’m glad I’d saved the transaction number, as this was one of the things that she wanted, plus all the account info and when I’d initiated the transfer. Let’s hope Hilton gets back to me and that they are able to resolve the issue.

Have any of you ever had this much difficulty transferring Hilton points?