Unless you’ve been living under a rock when it comes to award travel news, the big story this past week has been Delta’s roll-out of a number of negative changes to their loyalty program. No matter how you slice it, what they proposed is ugly. The good news is that Delta’s CEO says that some changes may be rolled back.

While we wait to see if that is indeed true, other airlines are trying to capitalize on Delta’s blunder. Among these is JetBlue, which is offering a Mosaic status match to Delta elites. As a Delta Platinum Medallion, I went ahead and applied. Given my lack of Delta flying this year, I figured it was a long shot. But lo and behold, I’ve a newly-minted JetBlue Mosaic.

JetBlue Delta Status Match for Medallion Members

JetBlue isn’t shy about trying to capitalize on Delta’s frustrating changes. The promo itself is named “Mosaic on the DL“. JetBlue is matching Delta Medallions as follows:

  • Silver Medallion > Mosaic 1
  • Gold Medallion > Mosaic 2
  • Platinum Medallion > Mosaic 3
  • Diamond Medallion > Mosaic 4

Once status is matched, you’ll keep it through December 30, 2023. However, JetBlue is offering the ability to meet challenge requirements to retain your status through all of 2024. You can keep your status by:

  • Having a JetBlue credit card (either personal or business) by December 30, 2023
  • Earning the following tiles:
    • Silver Medallion – earn 6 tiles to retain Mosaic 1
    • Gold Medallion – earn 12 tiles to retain Mosaic 2
    • Platinum Medallion – earn 24 tiles to retain Mosaic 3
    • Diamond Medallion – earn 30 tiles to retain Mosaic 4

Getting a JetBlue credit card is by far the easiest option.

Fly from JFK? Use the JetBlue Delta status match to easily switch your loyalty.

Delta aircraft at JFK

My Delta Mosaic Status Match Experience

Even though I qualified for Delta Platinum last year, I’ve barely flown the airline in 2023. They’ve simply not lined up with my travel plans, which have been split between international premium awards and some domestic travel. The majority of my domestic travel has been on award tickets as well, and although I have quite the stash of SkyMiles, there have always been better options. At my current pace, I won’t even qualify for Delta Silver Medallion this year.

All that being said, I still applied for the JetBlue Delta status match. The numbers I provided were:

  • 3,705 MQMs
  • 2 MQSs
  • $39 MQDs

Yup. That’s it. But apparently that’s enough for JetBlue Mosaic 3. With it I received, among other perks:

  • 5,000 bonus JetBlue points
  • Ability to choose Even More Space seats at booking
  • Four “Move to Mint” certificates

Not bad for having poor Delta credentials.

Final Thoughts

If you’re one of the many travelers jumping ship with Delta, the JetBlue Delta status match offer is enticing. Given how easy it was for me to match my status, I’m betting most people are being approved. The cool part is that all you need to keep your status through 2024 is a JetBlue credit card. Compared to the flying requirements, that’s a cakewalk.