Getting great value out of Delta SkyMiles can be a pain these days. I’ve used them for decent domestic deals, but with multiple devaluations over the past few years for international premium cabin flights, I find myself stockpiling them more than anything.

So when a sale does come around, I tend to jump on it, even if I don’t ultimately take the trip. Such is the case booking what appears to be a decent Delta One award sale to Bogota, Colombia. I highly recommend visiting the country’s high-altitude capital city.

Delta One to Bogota from Multiple U.S. Airports

I was alerted to this sale via @travelsergeant on Twitter. It appears to be valid from a number of U.S. airports. I only checked a handful, but from major airports in the Midwest and East, availability is quite good. The price appears to be 43,000 SkyMiles one-way, which drops to 36,500 when you factor in the 15% off Delta Amex card savings. Here’s the calendar from JFK in January 2024. This includes the nonstop JFK-BOG option much of the time.

Delta One Bogota Flash Sale

Availability out of Chicago looks pretty good, too. However, you’re sent via Atlanta much of the time rather than JFK. It’s still a Delta One product, but you end up with a shorter international flight. The other airports mentioned in the tweet are Austin and Denver.

a screenshot of a flight schedule

There are fewer seats out of California, but you do have some options. Here is SFO. Cost out of LAX is only a hair more, with better availability.

Delta One Flash Sale Bogota

What is cool is that I was able to book a ticket from San Francisco to Bogota via JFK, which is in Delta One on both legs. The San Francisco to NYC flight alone often goes for much more than this, so this is a solid deal. Even though it’s not their Suites product, I’m glad to finally have a Delta One business class product in my upcoming itineraries.

a screenshot of a computer

Final Thoughts

As with as “flash sale” I have no idea how long this will last. Since you can cancel Delta award tickets from free, the modus operandi is to book now and figure out the rest later. Hope you find something you can use!