Always considered one of the world’s best airlines, Cathay Pacific has had a rough time of it over the past few years. All that seems to be in the past now, with the airline announcing both a US$1.3 billion profit, its highest since 2010, and the unveiling of the new Aria Suite business class product.

If that wasn’t enough, a new Premium Economy seat is also being introduced. This class of travel is reportedly one of the most profitable at the airlines, which is born out by the fact Cathay Pacific will increase seating from 32 to 48 on board their 777-300ERs.

Aria Suite Business Class Video

The Hong Kong based airline is nothing if not slick, having gorgeous lounges – and this video – to prove it. While the new seat conjours up images of the existing one, it is far more up to date, with a 24″ 4K screen, wireless device charging and more. Anyway, take a look at the presentation.

Naturally the new seat has a door (how did we live without them?), individual mood lighting and a “gallery in the skies”. It’s nice to see the artwork continuing in the cabins as I’ve always liked it. The latter half of the video shows Premium Economy which looks very comfortable as well.

Overall Thoughts

Having seen the video, what do you think of the new Aria Suite Business Class? It has all the modern touches one would expect from a world class carrier like Cathay Pacific.

Hopefully it rolls out quickly across the fleet, as there is nothing worse than having to wait and wait to get the new product. Even so, it will take some time, the question is, how much?

I’m happy to see CX thriving again, are you? Thank you for reading (watching?) and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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