Passing through Dublin airport I was able to use my Priority Pass membership to access the T2 lounge. I have the Capital One Venture X card which I use for access to the Capital One lounge in DFW and Denver and La Guardia, but it also gives membership to the Priority Pass set of lounges all around the world. You download the Priority Pass app, type in the airport that you are in and it will list the lounges that are available to Priority Pass members. In Dublin there is a lounge in T1 and in T2.

a sign on a wall


Access to the lounge:

The lady at reception checked my Priority Pass card and boarding pass and then let me in. You can see the screen listing all departing flights and the printers available for printing documents.

a woman at a desk in a room with a plant and a computer

This is a smallish lounge and it was quite full. Luckily it has large windows overlooking part of a taxi way so the views are always fun.

a group of people sitting in chairs and tables

There are a couple of separate rooms like this one for people with kids which contains a baby chair and tv with kids content. a room with chairs and a tv

The next room is for business. That one has tables and chairs and power plugs available at each table.

a white table with a phone on it


The food and drink:

I was in the lounge at about 11 in the morning and they were just about to switch from breakfast to lunch. There was cereal and bacon and eggs among other items for breakfast.

Lunch was put out and I have some pictures to show.

We start with java cake, salted caramel brownies, carrot cake, pecan brownies and other items for dessert.

a display of food in clear containers

Chips are available along with tea, apple and orange juice. There is also one of the lovely coffee machines for cappuccino and other coffee drinks.

a bowl of chips and a pitcher of juice

Chicken and stuffing sandwiches were available, along with chicken and falafel salads, cold meats and various cheeses.

a display of food in a store

Lovely leek and potato soup was nice and hot.

a group of white cups and a round metal object

There is self serve alcohol available. They have a small selection of the main liquors and beer by the draft.

a bar counter with a drink dispenser and bottles

A nice assortment of soft drinks is also handy.

a refrigerator with cans of soda and cans of different colors


Rest rooms:

This is the mens loo, a bit messy but nice modern fittings.

a bathroom with a sink and toilet

This is a picture of the ladies loo. Looks very similar to the mens but with extra waste baskets.

a bathroom with a sink and toilet



So that is about it for the lounge. No extras besides the food and drink. Oh there is a nice coat stand at the entrance.

Access to any lounge is a bonus on your trip and I enjoyed having access to this lounge in Terminal 2 in Dublin.