Would you change your name for an iPhone 7

Apparently, someone did just that.  I came across the news a couple of days ago, and I just couldn’t resist not covering this story.

A 20-year old Ukraine man named Olexander Turin changed his name to “iPhone Sim” for a chance to win a free an iPhone 7.  It was part of a store promotion in which the first 5 people who changed their names to “iPhone 7” would win a phone. According to the source, he was one of the early ones and got a phone.  The iPhone 7 has a retail value of $699USD.

Given that it only cost $2 to legally change his name, it’s a resourceful way for him to score himself a new phone. I don’t know how involved the legal paperwork is to change a name in Ukraine.  If he could change his name so quickly to get the iPhone 7, he could just as easily change it back when he wants to.

What far would you go for a promotion?

While I would participate in promotions like writing tons of index cards for contest entries, I don’t think I would participate in the name change promotion even if given the opportunity. The reasons are both personal and sentimental.  My general feeling is that my name is a part of my identity, lovingly given to me by my parents.  As such, it’s not something I would just change lightly.

That said, I am glad Mr. Sim somehow made the store promotion work for him. It’s guaranteed to be an icebreaker whenever he introduce himself, and he’s already got an interesting story to share.

Would you change your name for an iPhone?  What are some of the craziest things you have done for a promotion?