People who love flying often have a bucket list of things to do before they kick the proverbial bucket. These are essentially the airlines, seats or travel experiences that we plan to do at some point.

Perhaps you want to fly on the world’s longest flight. Others might want to experience a flight in business class for that once in a lifetime treat. Here are a few things on my list.

Qantas First Class

At the top of this post is a picture of first class on the Qantas Airbus A380. I’ve wanted to try this out forever, partly because I’m Australian and partly because it’s fairly unattainable for me.

First class is only available on the A380 at Qantas and it’s not cheap at all. Therefore, I’d like to experience what it is actually like at some point, rather than spending my life wondering.

Japan Airlines First Class

Every review I have read indicates that Japan Airlines does first class very well. In fact, quite a lot of people on certain forums casually mention how great it is as an experience.

Service on board Japanese airlines is considered some of the best. That coupled with the fact that I rather like Japanese food means I have a firm desire to try this one out.

Royal Jordanian Crown Class

I’ve flown in Crown Class on Royal Jordanian in the past several times. That was back when they operated the Airbus A340 and Airbus A310, so I have not tried the new version on the Boeing 787.

Each time I thought the service was great and the food fantastic. The fact the meals are plated in front of you from the trolley is unique to me, so I’d like to do it again with the new seats.

Seat 1A on British Airways Boeing 747

When you fly in row 1 on a Boeing 747, you are sitting in the nose ahead of the pilots. Due to the curve of the aircraft cabin, you are actually facing partly forward, which provides a totally unique perspective outside.

They serve Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle Champagne in first class which I think is just delicious. That plus the blue window blinds and a nice design make for a bucket list worthy experience in my book.

Qatar Airways Qsuite

Lauded as the best business class product in the sky, the new Qatar Airways Qsuite looks amazing. I’ve tried all the other Qatar business class seats, so this is the last one I need to complete the set.

With dine on demand service, fantastically trained crew and decent entertainment, it’s hard to get bored when flying Qatar Airways. Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later!

Cathay Pacific First Class

The closest I’ve come to flying Cathay Pacific in first class is when I strolled through the cabin when disembarking another flight and marvelled at how spacious the suites are.

Cabin crew are always friendly and provide good service in my experience with Cathay Pacific. Their entertainment system is one of the best too, with plenty of interesting options to enjoy. Plus, their first class lounges are utterly amazing too.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380

Since Malaysia Airlines are planning to phase out their Airbus A380 aircraft, this one has a time limit. I’d like to get on board and try their business class or first class as soon as possible.

As they only have first class on the A380, it is what I’d like to try the most. Who knows what will happen though, none of the aircraft have left service yet, so maybe I will get a chance to do it at some stage.

Overall Thoughts

It is always good to have an aspiration or two when it comes to travel. Since I enjoy flying and know a little bit about what’s out there, I know what I want do do.

Everyone is different though. What airlines or cabins are high on your list to try? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Qantas.
Qatar Airways Qsuite via Qatar Airways.
British Airways 747 First Class via Live And Let’s Fly.
Cathay Pacific First Class via DesignQ.
Japan Airlines First Class via The Points Guy.
Royal Jordanian Crown Class via The Design Air.
Malaysia Airlines First Class via One Mile At A Time.