Ireland’s Aer Lingus is currently selling business class tickets from Dublin to the United States for €1,150 return. This is as cheap as it gets on the Irish airline’s long-haul flights.

These kinds of prices haven’t been seen since the global financial crisis, where it was actually a little cheaper. By comparison, they are usually twice as expensive, with fares regularly well over €2,000 return.

Selling Business Class… To Where?

The lowest prices are to the US east coast, with New York and Boston pricing up at €1,151.97 return. Next up is Toronto in Canada, which is coming in at €1,220.97.

Those heading farther afield, such as to Chicago and Orlando, will pay €1,351.97. If you need to go to the west coast, Aer Lingus are selling business class tickets to Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles for €1,551.97 return.

What Protection Do I Have?

According to the Aer Lingus web site, change fees are waived for any changes made before 31 May 2021. The one caveat to mention here is that the old chestnut, “please note that a fare difference may apply” has reared its ugly head. Therefore, if you voluntarily change the dates and the new flights are more expensive, you will need to pony up more cash.

However, if your flight gets cancelled, you can apply for a voucher or request a full refund. Curiously, if the flight is cancelled and you want to move your dates, Aer Lingus will still charge you for any fare difference on the new flights. So booking these fares does carry an element of risk.

Overall Thoughts

I am not surprised to see Aer Lingus selling business class at such competitive rates. They have an excellent on board product, so you don’t need to worry at all in that area.

Even so, nobody has any visibility on what might happen to fares in the future. I would expect the only way they will go is up, so take that into consideration when booking. The prices are widely available for 2021, so least risky would be to book for dates further into the year.

What do you think of Aer Lingus selling business class at these rates? Will you be booking, or why won’t you? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by N509FZ via Wikimedia Commons.