Brussels Airlines has cancelled all flights for Wednesday, Feb. 13. No, it’s not the airline’s fault. A scheduled national strike is affecting all transport services throughout Belgium. The airline had originally cancelled just 68% of its flights. Based on the anticipated scale of the industrial action, Brussels Airlines is now pulling the other 22%.

It’s annoying for the airline and for passengers, but it’s beyond the airline’s control. What a giant travel headache!

No flights on February 13

“Brussels Airlines now considers it very probable that operations at Brussels Airport will be severely impacted due to industrial action of various airport stakeholders,” the airline reported. “With the proactive cancellation of its flight program of February 13th, Brussels Airlines offers its guests the possibility to adapt their travel plans in advance and herewith minimizes the level of disruption and discomfort generated by the national strike as much as possible. “

Flight cancellations will affect more than 16,000 Brussels Airlines passengers, but the airline is offering assistance with travel changes or ticket refunds.

Passengers can rebook flights through their travel agent or directly via Brussels Airlines via the Airline Service Centre at +32 2 723 23 62 or via Facebook or Twitter. Refund requests may be made online or via the passengers’ travel agency.

The good news is that everything is expected to be back to normal on February 14. Happy Valentine’s Day!