British Airways Euro Traveller is the European economy class product offered by the UK airline. Nothing like a pandemic to inspire a few changes, with the main one being the reintroduction of complimentary catering on these flights.

After spending some time in the Galleries First lounge, I headed off to the boarding gate. Just like at Aer Lingus, British Airways is also boarding flights from back to front to be COVID-19 safe.

BA780 – London Heathrow to Stockholm Arlanda (LHR-ARN)
14 December 2020
Airbus A319 – G-EUOE
Seat: Euro Traveller 10A
Departure: 13:25 Arrival: 17:00 (16:25 actual)

Upon boarding, the BA crew hand you a little plastic bag which contains hand sanitiser and an antibacterial towel. Great for those with germaphobia!

There is plenty of sanitiser in the sachet, enough for two goes if you really need it. I went for an all at once job and it was dripping off me, it really was.

British Airways Euro Traveller Cabin

For this flight, I took advantage of my Gold frequent flyer status and selected an exit row. These have more room as they have to make space for an evacuation if necessary.

Before take-off, a member of the cabin crew gives a short speech on the exit. Basically it consists of read the special instructions and if you don’t want to sit there, you can be moved. After this, we had the manual safety demonstration and headed into the air.

The curtain was pulled between Club Europe (business class) and us, so we were now on our own. I sat and waited for the on board service to commence.

Meal Service!

British Airways Euro Traveller should have a buy on board menu and usually does. The M&S buy on board menu introduced in January 2017 is no more and won’t be coming back. In future, another brand offering will appear, but for now, free food is back.

Very quickly, the crew arrived with a trolley and started distributing the complimentary food. This comprised of a clear plastic bag (why, oh why is it ALWAYS plastic), with three items within.

There is a cup of water, akin to the cups of orange juice that come with the Aer Lingus full Irish breakfast. It’s a mouthful, not much more. I’m sure I had one of these on my very first flight back in 1985.

You also get a blueberry and honey porridge oat bar (which is quite dense) and crumbly fruit and lemon biscuits. It was fine, and it’s arguably similar to the offering given out back in 2016. As it’s free, I have no complaints.

Images Of Economy Class In December 2020

Here are a few random bits and pieces from my flight, just because I felt like getting some random bits and pieces on my flight. People are clearly coming prepared.

Not sure how hygienic the tray table is to sleep on, but I suppose now is the best time to be doing it. Not really my style as I can’t think it’s very comfortable.

A Second Service?!

A second service is usually reserved for long haul international journeys. Turns out British Airways Euro Traveller does the same. About half way through the flight, the crew come through offering a cup of water.

Those needing the toilet were advised to check to see if the light was green, indicating it was free, before getting up to use it. They did not want people queueing in the aisles. There’s a pandemic on, you know! We landed at Stockholm Arlanda airport 30 minutes early, which was very welcome.

Overall Thoughts

British Airways Euro Traveller is a fine way to travel between European cities. Considering it features complimentary food, for now, it elevates the on board experience above many other airlines in the area.

The crew were fast and efficient and the food was fine. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when the buy on board concept is restored. Let’s hope for some interesting meals!

Have you flown British Airways Euro Traveller recently? Do you prefer the free food or the buy on board offering when it comes to the selection? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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