British Airways economy class within Europe is appropriately named Euro Traveller. The seats and seat pitch are the same throughout the aircraft which means Euro Traveller passengers have the same space as a business class passenger. The difference is that in business class the middle seat is kept free and there is a tray table in place of a person.

BA831 – Dublin to London Heathrow (DUB-LHR)
3 November 2016
Airbus 320-200 G-EUYV
Seat: Euro Traveller 6F
Departure: 07:10 Arrival: 08:45

Recently British Airways have been using the 200 gates at Dublin Airport which means walking across the tarmac and boarding via stairs. I quite like this however it is never good when raining and windy which it will be during winter. Priority boarding was announced and boarding proceeded swiftly.

The flight pushed back on time, the video safety demonstration played on flip down screens and we were soon in the air.

Euro Traveller Service

Service commenced swiftly and there were three choices of complimentary meal for passengers in Euro Traveller. The options comprised of a Ham and Cheese Croissant, a Cheese and Tomato Croissant or a Pain au Chocolat.

Passengers are given an orange juice and are offered tea, coffee or a drink. The complimentary service is quite adequate for a 50 minute sector such as this. British Airways are switching to buy on board from January 2017 which should provide passengers with more choice.

The passenger next to me wanted to pay for her food as she was unaware that food was complimentary in Euro Traveller. She expected it to be the same as Aer Lingus and Ryanair which I daresay would be common among irregular flyers.

The Cabin

The seats are designed to have the literature at the top of the seat in order to provide more knee room, which is quite successful. The lady next to me was 6’1″ and her knees were pushed into the back of the seat in front of her which looked uncomfortable. Provision of a moving map is always welcome when flying however it is a shame video entertainment is not offered even on longer sectors.

The LED lighting is quite nice and changes depending on the phase of flight. It is usually a nice calm blue for boarding and is a warmer tone in flight. After a short time in the air, we descended and landed in London after holding for around fifteen minutes.

Overall Thoughts

British Airways Euro Traveller is a decent product for a short hop. The complimentary food for the breakfast service is better than what is offered for the remainder of the day.

Seat pitch and cabin ambiance is adequate for the class of travel. Fares continue to remain competitive and the product is on par with other European airlines. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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