KLM operate a good service between various cities in Ireland and Amsterdam, allowing for international connections. I planned to travel with friends on a flight to Toulouse, so I booked this flight for that reason.

Before travel, I selected a set in row six, which is Economy Comfort. These are extra legroom seats, the same ones that are used for European business class. When business class is not so huge, they are sold as this instead.


Online check-in worked just fine, however no boarding pass was issued. This is due to the airline needing to physically see the vaccination information at a desk. That meant going to the airport earlier than planned in a taxi.

Once there, I got to spend a good hour in a slow moving queue before getting my minute at the desk. All was well and I went through fast-track security. In the end I got it for free as I upgraded my second flight, so I wasted money buying it. From there, I went up to the gate.

KLM932 – Dublin to Amsterdam (DUB-AMS)
22 October 2021
Boeing 737-800 – PH-BXC – Grouse / Korhoen
Seat: Economy Comfort 6A
Departure: 05:55 Arrival: 08:35

Boarding proceeded quickly enough, though they started by letting both lines go at once. A supervisor told the one for the second line to stop and take people from the priority 1 and 2 line. Once down the jetbridge, it was onto the plane.

KLM Economy Class Cabin

Since the KLM corporate colours have a lot of blue, the cabins are pretty much the same. Blue seats with either black vinyl (for business class and economy comfort) or light blue headrests.

The flight was completely full, which we had been warned about in a text message the previous evening. There was no shortage of overhead space as people had been asked to check in cabin bags for free where possible.

Safety On Board

KLM did the safety demonstration in English, which makes sense as the vast majority of passengers would understand that language. It proceeded as you would expect.

Once that was done, the lights were dimmed for take-off and we headed to the runway. As one of the first flights of the day out of Dublin, there was no wait and soon enough we were in the air.

Not long after that, the cabin crew came by for the ritual closing of the curtain. That meant I could no longer see into business class and knew my place in the world!

KLM Economy Class Service

The efficient Dutch crew soon arrived with their trolleys and began service passengers. Everyone was given the same banana bread snack and you could have a drink of your choice.

I quite like banana bread so I found it quite delicious. All of that was washed down with some water. I spent the rest of the flight relaxing and enjoying the view.

Prior to landing the crew came by and told me my connection was cancelled, as we were supposed to be late. We did land on time and my connecting gate (along with others – the flight was packed with connecting passengers) was announced by the crew. Luckily I arrived at my next flight just as it was boarding, so the 45 minute connection time at Amsterdam really does work!

Overall Thoughts

KLM economy class in Europe is a perfectly comfortable way to travel. The legroom in economy comfort is fine, as is the free snack and drink that you receive.

I was impressed by the announcements from both pilots and cabin crew, who kept us appraised of our arrival time. Winds in Amsterdam had closed a runway, but we lucked out and were one of the first to land when it was reopened. Great communication all round!

Have you flown KLM economy class in Europe? What do you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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