SAS has a new livery, which is always news in the aviation world. It is only the fourth time the Scandinavian carrier has changed its colour scheme in its history.

As the airline of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, SAS tends to shy away from any particular national colour scheme. When I fly with them, I enjoy the clean lines and Scandinavian influenced cabin decor. So, what about this new livery?

The Old SAS Livery

Taken from a brand manual, you can see the details of the old livery which was first introduced in 1998. Perhaps it will be useful for those in future wishing to paint a model aircraft!

Over the years, the airline has been moving away from being called Scandinavian Airlines. SAS is the preferred name of the airline, a far cry from the original Scandinavian Airlines System, which is what it stands for.

SAS Has A New Livery

Launched today in Copenhagen, the new livery appears on the brand new Airbus A350-900. There’s something to be said about consistency, with the new livery being yet another variation on a theme. Even so, this modern update looks good!

Airlines such as Qantas and Lufthansa have taken an equally conservative approach to updates of their liveries in recent years, with minimal changes to update the look. It seems the tail colour wrapping around under the fuselage is now a big thing!

Underneath the aircraft will be the word Scandinavian. Adding the airline name is more common nowadays than it was before and it’s always nice to read when they’re flying above. You can find more images in the SAS press release.

Overall Thoughts

So, SAS has a new livery, where they have taken the blue and run with it. The New Fleet page on their web site shows things off particularly well and I think the stylised country flags look excellent.

Not entirely sure I love the giant SAS on the forward fuselage, however overall it looks pretty slick. It’s a quality look which we will see progressively painted onto the fleet through to 2024.

What do you think of the new SAS livery? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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