Let me start by saying that I’m no fashionista. I like simple, and same goes for my wardrobe.  I prefer function over style (not to say that they can’t coexist), but let’s just say …you’d never find me walking around in a high heeled stilettos.  The last time I purchased travel-specific clothing, it was for a pair of pick-pocket proof pants for a trip to Athens.

Bluffworks Travel Clothing

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review the women’s line of travel clothing from a company called BluffWorks.  The women’s line is newly launched in 2019 so I’m thrilled that I get to try them. There are 3 main categories: dresses, tops (tees and blouse), and pants, with only one or two styles in each.

I have listed the items, in order of preference.

  1. Trevi Dress 
  2. Performance T-shirt
  3. Trevi Ankle Pants
  4. Azores Blouse
a card with a picture of a man and woman

Package delivery.



My favorite is the Trevi Dress.  I don’t dress up too often, so I was surprised that this little dress is my favorite piece out of the lot. I was impressed by the high quality of its material, its simplicity (a very simple looking but well designed A-line dress), and utility (thick enough to be durable, and pockets in dresses, yes!)  This is a versatile, wrinkle-free dress that can be worn for work and for travel too.  It comes in three color choices: dark crimson, navy or black.

a woman in a black dress

Trevi Dress. Source:Bluffworks


a black shirt with a tag on it

Durable, comfortable fabric.


My second favorite is the nondescript performance t-shirt.  The difference is the material (e.g. breathable, moisture wicking).  It’s light, casual, and very comfortable.

a woman standing on a balcony with a white hat and a city in the background

Source: Bluffworks


a grey shirt folded on a carpet

Performance Tees


I had high hopes for the Trevi ankle pants, because finding the right pair of pants isn’t always easy.  I like this pair of pants more than the pickpocket proof pants.  It’s more comfortable and you could wear it to more places.  It even comes with snaps at the bottom of the hem to let you adjust the length slightly.  The sizing was off so it wasn’t right for me.  I gave this pair to my mom as it fits her so much better (more on sizing below).  She likes the material, though she’s not a big fan of the phone patch pocket.


a woman standing on steps with her hands in her pockets

Source: Bluffworks

If you like pockets, you won’t be disappointed. There are 8 pockets in total.

a person putting their pocket in their pants

Source: Bluffworks


Last but not least, there is the Azores blouse, the fabric is soft and comfortable.  The sizing was off so I’m exchanging it for a smaller size and a different color. Style wise, I like a blouse without breastpockets.  It’s a personal preference, so that would be my only change.

a woman buttoning a white shirt

Source: Bluffworks


Bluffworks offers standard and petite sizing (yay!)  Even with a sizing chart, it’s not always easy to know if it’s a good fit until you have the garment in hand.

  • For the tops, I opted for my regular “M” sizing.  The tee fitted well, but the blouse was too big.
  • For the ankle pants, I normally go for between 4 and 6 (in petite sizing).  I got the 6 but it was also too big.
  • The trevi dress only comes in standard fit only.  Since it doesn’t come in petites, I went one size smaller and it was a great fit.

If you are in between sizes, I’d suggest going a size smaller.


Whenever you buy clothes online, there is always the risk that they might not be a good fit (in the feel of the material or the sizing).  That makes having an easy exchange/return process all the more important.   The exchange process for Bluffworks seemed straightforward.  I wanted to exchange the blouse for a different size and color. I emailed customer support, got a RMA label and sent it back using the original packaging box.  I’ll update this section once the exchange is completed.  (Update:  Once the return is processed, the new item is received 4 days later).

Overall Thoughts

The quality of the garments speak for itself. In terms of price point, the clothing is priced at a premium.  I haven’t had them long enough to know how long they would last, but they seemed durable.  Value wise, I would rank them this way: dress, pants (if you could wear regularly), tees and blouse.   The wrinkle-free dress and the pants (both with tons of pockets) has potential in terms of comfort, durability, and function.  However, I’m not convinced that the latter two categories are differentiated enough yet.

I’d like to see additional styles, and I am definitely interested to see how this company develop this line.  It’s got a lot of potential, as I especially like travel clothing that could blend into the everyday (e.g. work, casual wear).  For those who are interested in exploring or investing in travel clothing, the company is having a sale during the holidays on their website.