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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Conrado has been a passionate AvGeek as long as he can remember. He travels often between his two homes- one in Philadelphia, where he is a full-time law student at Villanova University School of Law, and the other in San Juan, where his family lives. He says "I want to inspire my generation to get on their feet and explore the world, and help them maximize their time, money, and points to make these experiences within their reach."

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge Narita Review

TL;DR My experience at the JAL First Class Lounge Narita was sub-par. The lounge, although mostly empty the first time I visited, can get quite crowded (like my most recent short visit). The food is the highlight, with fresh sushi made, but the amenities do not make it competitive with most First class lounges in the world. The Good: Fresh sushi, anyone? The Bad: Small-ish lounge, with limited facilities, showers are not as glamorous as in other lounges, no sit down table service. The Noteworthy: In early 2017 (if I remember correctly) JAL removed spa services from their First...

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Should I Keep the Aviator Silver Credit Card?

American Airlines has been on my nerves recently. Between their new AAdvantage Executive Platinum requirements and their losing some of their AAdvantage partners, American has become one of the least beneficial programs out there. Well, they recently made my situation worse, with their new changes on their Aviator cards. Now begs the question, should I keep my Aviator Silver credit card? And the bigger question is, should I break up with AA once and for all?   What is the Aviator Silver? The Aviator Silver card is their premium version of the Barclaycard credit cards. You have probably heard...

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Cathay Pacific First Class Review Singapore to Hong Kong

TL;DR This was my first time in one of the most lauded first class products in the world. Cathay Pacific did not disappoint, however it did not blow me away. Service was the highlight of the flight, but the remaining aspects were less impressive. The Good: First class seats are always great. Service was paramount to the philosophy of the crew. The Bad: Food was good but not wow, I have gotten similar meals on Qatar Airways business class on similar flights. The Noteworthy: There is no wifi on any of Cathay’s 777 yet, this is changing, but the...

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Japan Airlines 787 Business Class Review Dallas to Tokyo

Note: This is a review from about a year ago. I never came around to publishing it until now, it is part of a bigger set of reviews from flights to Japan. Hope you find this helpful, as food and service have changed little, the only difference is in the amenity kits. TL;DR This was my first time flying with Japan Airlines. I had high expectations for the airline, as I personally admire Japanese culture. Needless to say, they exceeded all expectations. It ranks as one of the best business class flights I have ever taken, and I actively...

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End of an Era: Qatar Airways Retires A340 in Summer

Qatar Airways has a rapidly expanding fleet. They have over 200 aircraft in their fleet, and operate an amalgam of Airbus and Boeing aircraft. The airline has been the last carrier in the Middle East to fly the A340. This reign will soon come to an end, with AirlineRoute reporting that the airline will cease to fly their A340s at the end of March, per schedule. I suspect the airline will completely phase out the A340 by the start of summer.   The A340 History with Qatar Airways The A340 was one of the first Airbus widebodies to join...

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Where will the Next Centurion Lounge Be?

The Centurion Lounge is arguably the best perk of the American Express Platinum and Centurion family of cards. I use the Philadelphia and Miami lounges almost every time I travel. The lounges have since become extremely popular, with overcrowding a major issue. The company has expanded some lounges, and also restricted the amount of time you can be at each lounge. American Express has also been aggressively expanding its lounge footprint in the US. They will add lounges in New York JFK, Charlotte, Denver and Los Angeles. A lounge will also open at London LHR. With such aggressive expansion,...

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Last Chance: Air China 777 Business Class Review Beijing-Tokyo

Note: I took this flight a few months before Air China retired their 777-200 fleet. One of their last international flights was from Beijing to Tokyo Narita. Today, this flight has been taken over by the A330, and their 777-200s have been put to pasture.   TL;DR Having a lie flat seat for a short flight is always great. The lack of IFE screens, though, sucks. My flight on the other direction a few years before was basically the same. Wifi was inoperable. Food was uninspiring. Crew was unattentive and ineffective. The Good: Having a lie flat seat for a...

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ANA A380 Hawaii Service What to Expect

ANA is the last new airline to take delivery of the A380 before the program winds down until 2021.The order is a holdover from their purchase of SkyMark Airlines a few years back. ANA intended to use the A380 on their Hawaii flights, with specially designed amenities and new interiors. I expect the flight to be successful, especially considering the ANA A380 Hawaii service will be so tailored to make the experience special.   ANA A380 First Class The airline will be debuting a new first class product on their flagship A380. This will be their first First Class...

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Etihad A320 Business Class Review Kuwait to Abu Dhabi

TL;DR Etihad Airways offers a solid business class product for such a short flight. I would not consider it industry leading, but it did make me feel like it was better than some carriers out there. We all have heard that Etihad Airways is in financial difficulties, but at least their premium product still stands out (although less than before). The Good: Affordable fares from Kuwait to Colombo. The Bad: The meal was honestly not very good, I was very underwhelmed. The Noteworthy: The cabin was 3/12 full, so yikes.   Kuwait Airport Checking in at KWI was a...

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British Airways First Class Enhancements

British Airways is offers the most First Class seats across the Atlantic. The airline has either 8 or 14 First class seats on their aircraft. For the longest time, their First class product has been subpar. If you want to know why, read my review on their Miami flight, or their Johannesburg to London flights. However, the airline has since improved some aspects of their First class experience. They added improved bedding and some better amenities. However, they have not revamped their First class product as much as they had done to their business class Club World. I have...

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