I had an upcoming flight booked, and from the time I booked the flight dropped its price about 4 times. I guess I am not too good at timing when to book flights haha. Thankfully, Delta generally makes it quite easy to get an eCredit of the difference between the price paid and the new price.

If I notice a price drop, I normally go to “Change Flight” on the app, look up the same flight and it will show the new price. Once I click through, I get to a payment screen that will say something along the lines of “Remaining eCredit Amount Due to Passenger”. Click confirm, and you should get a new eCredit that you can use for your future flight!


On my last change, I went through the normal prompts and clicked confirm. I got a confirmation email showing the amount applied to be higher than the ticket price, but noticed that at the bottom of the email, there was no eCredit issued. Odd.

Normally when I do these types of changes, I will see this message towards the bottom of the email. This will show that an eCredit has been issued.

Delta eCredit

Check for this on your changed reservation confirmation email!

I also went to check in my Wallet on my SkyMiles account and did not see any new eCredit. Something was wrong.

Contacting Support:

I first tried via iMessage, but the agent couldn’t see anything and told me to contact support over the phone. I was on hold for about 20 minutes, then spoke with an agent who wasn’t helpful at all. After explaining the situation, she seemed unenthused and said she would transfer me to a supervisor.

After a brief wait, thankfully the supervisor was very friendly and helpful. She did some digging and was confused like myself on why I wasn’t issued a credit for the fare difference. Then, she called ticketing and they issued me the fare difference on an eCredit and it popped up in my account.

The supervisor didn’t really have an explanation for what went wrong, so perhaps it was just a tech glitch.

The Verdict:

I was happy that the supervisor was able to help me get the eCredit, but it did take up time with a phone call. The moral of the story is to make sure if you make any changes due to your Delta fare dropping in price, to check if your Delta eCredit was actually issued! I’m not sure if it was a one-off situation, but it was definitely odd that the system didn’t issue the eCredit.


Have you had tech issues when changing a Delta flight and obtaining an eCredit? Share your experience below!