‘Tis the night before Christmas and I was at one of the parks at Disney World. After a grand River of Lights show in the evening, it was tough trying to leave the arena.  Because, well, everyone else was trying to do the same.

Everyone just kind of shuffled along slowly.

A young family shuffled along next to me.

A mom, a Dad, two kids.

The Dad was tied up carrying his sleepy daughter in his arms.  The Mom was carrying the son, but she let him down to walk.  At this point, the boy started to pull and poke at the sister’s legs dangling at the side, causing her to move and squirm.  This made it harder for the Dad to keep a firm grip on her.

Best Line Ever

The Mom asked the son to stop.  He didn’t and protested verbally.  He didn’t think it was fair that his sister gets to be carried, but not him.  Frustrated, the Mom said loudly and sternly to her son,

“If you don’t stop now, I’m going to have to make an EMERGENCY CALL…”

My ears perked up.  As did the two people standing to the other side of me.

“An emergency call”, I thought, “This sounded serious.  Who is she going to call?” I pondered, as thoughts ran through my head. “Is she going to cancel the rest of the Disney trip?”

That would be rough for the day before Christmas.

She continued, “…I’m going to have to make a call to Santa, and have a chat with him…” (her tone, still deadly serious)

I nearly died of laughter.

The people next to me smiled just as wryly as I did, as not to undermine her authority with her kid.

The boy immediately quieted down, as if he’s deep in thoughts.  Maybe he’s thinking about what that meant. Maybe he’s thinking about his presents.

He protested verbally again, but in a half-hearted way.  Apparently, he must have also thought better of the situation.  He decided to leave his sister alone.

There are many different ways to reprimand a misbehaving kid.  For a kid that still believes in Santa, I thought that was one of the most awesome lines.