Baltia Has Yet to Fly but They’re Rebranding

If you’ve never heard of Baltia Airlines, it wouldn’t surprise me.  Balita Airlines has yet to fly a single passenger or serve a single destination.  Even though the airline was founded in 1989, the airline hasn’t sold a single ticket.  That’s why I don’t blame anyone for not knowing about America’s oldest start-up airline.

Even though Baltia has yet to fly anyone anywhere, the airline has always released a pretty steady stream of press releases about operations. The airline operates a single Boeing 747-200 that can carry over three-hundred passengers long distances.  The airline originally planned to use that Boeing 747 on flights from New York’s JFK to St. Petersburgh, Russia.  Yes, that is a very odd route.  Yet, the airline and it’s shareholders envisioned operating a massive jumbo jet between New York and St. Petersburgh.

It wasn’t until recently that the airline decided that it might be a good idea to do some soul-searching.  Rather than doing the most logical thing and liquidating its assets and throwing away the idea of operating such a bizarre airline, Baltia announced today that it plans to rebrand and is hoping to take to the skies for the first time in the companies 27 year history.

Baltia is Seeking FAA Certification

Today Baltia Airlines announced that it has filed for FAA certification.  This certification would allow the airline to sell tickets and to carry passengers on its flights.  The airline’s president, Mr. Anthony D. Koulouris said, “I am very pleased with the FAA’s decision to allow us to re-start the certification process and we are eager to get it under way while we are restructuring the company.”  This quote comes from Business Wire.

Koulouris goes on to say that he believes that the recent restructuring and future rebranding, has allowed the FAA to see that the airline is ready to carry passengers for the first time in the airlines 27 years in business.

(Image: deepspringer2 YouTube)

(Image: deepspringer2 YouTube)

Massive Rebranding

Baltia Airlines has also announced plans to overhaul its brand before the FAA grants the airline certification.  There’s limited information about this rebranding.  There’s no word on whether or not Baltia plans to keep the name or where they intend to fly.  However, in 2014, the airline made the decision to ditch the idea of flying between New York and Russia and instead stated that it’d operate as a regional airline serving the east coast.  There are indications that this may no longer be the case after Baltia announced its intent to fly a Boeing 767-300 leased from Kalitta Airlines.

What is known is that Baltia plans to change its stock ticker in the near future and that stock ticker will likely translate into a new brand.  Just FYI, Baltia’s stock is currently trading at less than a cent.


This is a very bizarre turn of events.  Rebranding was the least of Baltia’s concerns.  Shareholders have pumped millions and millions of dollars into an airline that has yet to fly.  It will be very interesting to see with the FAA grants Baltia certification and if Kalitta leases out a Boeing 767 to the airline.  I don’t really see Baltia getting off the ground but it’s still interesting to see a 27-year-old company try to salvage the little capital it has.

What do you think about Baltia?  Do you think the airline is going to get off the ground?