I recently passed through the American Airlines Admirals Club in Denver, a lounge I reviewed extensively four years ago. Since we’ve had a pandemic in that time, has much changed?

The short answer is no, much remains the same. One thing that was no longer issued was a voucher for a free premium drink, but that should not be too much of a shock to anyone. I had forgotten they used to do that for other airlines frequent flyers until I read my 2018 review.

A Little Peek Inside

Rather tired after travelling non-stop for days on end, I arrived at the lounge. After handing over my AA boarding pass, the desk lady asked which level I was in the BA programme for some reason, then let me in. I beelined for the bar as I was thirsty.

Sitting on the end of the bar was the soup station. One highlight of the Admirals Club lounges is they always have really good soup. Naturally I helped myself as it sounded quite nice.

Next it was time to get a drink from the machine. There are a stack of foreign (to me!) drinks there – what the hell is a Hi-C? Who is Barg?? How about an AHA? WTF? 🙂 Unusually, as I am generally into trying weirdness, I settled on a Coke since I was craving one.

Beside the drinks machine were free snacks. Apart from oranges and individually wrapped apples (why just the apples?!), you could have cookies, brownie bites, or “Gluten-Free Marshmallow Treats”. How mysterious they sound! I decided on nothing and headed to a seat.

Inside the Admirals Club

Quite frankly, I was very tired and took exactly two pictures from my seat, hence the little peek. There were also people dotted about the place and I wasn’t in the mood to work out how to take pictures around them.

Otherwise I connected to the Wi-Fi, had two cups of soup and THREE glasses of Coke with ice. The soup was superb as always and the drinks exactly what I required.

Overall Thoughts

If you really want a proper look instead of a little peek, my 2018 review is pretty accurate as to what is there today. There have been some cosmetic changes and what not, but otherwise exactly the same. This was one of those times where not being in the main terminal was very welcome.

Only interesting story I have is that three people got thrown out. Apparently they changed their flight and therefore no longer had access to the lounge and the staff sent them packing. I’d love to know what happened there!

Have you been to the Admirals Club in Denver? What do you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have comments or questions, please leave them below.

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