American Airlines took delivery of its first Boeing 787 a few weeks ago. Today, the airline announced its first routes. Not surprisingly, the first route is domestic, between Dallas/Fort Worth and Chicago O’Hare, and begins on May 7. I say “not surprisingly” because that has historically seemed to be the go to route for brand new widebodies to be introduced to the fleet….or maybe I’m imagining things. You’ll have more opportunities for 787 flights soon thereafter with the aircraft going on the DFW-Beijing route on June 2, followed by DFW-Buenos Aires on June 4. (Image courtesy of American Airlines)


That Business Class cabin is gorgeous, much like the rest of the airplane. I can’t wait to see where else American might deploy these birds. The airline guy in me gets excited about things like range, fuel efficiency, interior lighting, and even the way the window “shades” work!

Why it Matters

There’s a certain amount of cachet that comes with introducing any new aircraft. But the 787 is such a game changer that it deserves special attention. I’ve yet to fly on one, but I’m actively seeking opportunities to do so. But that’s not really why AA’s introduction of the 787 matters. The employees of American Airlines have been through a lot in the last few years. As the last big US airline to enter bankruptcy, the wounds that come with it are still fresh. Moving forward is a big deal, and from what I can tell, American and its people are moving forward in a big way. That’s not a bad thing.

-MJ, February 11, 2015