Yesterday, I paid my first visit to the AA Flagship Lounge at JFK. With my only other Flagship Lounge experiences having been LHR, MIA, and ORD, I was curious to see the lounge. I am not 100 percent positive, but I believe it may be the most recently opened. I’m sure some readers know the scoop on that and can correct me in comments if it’s not true.

I haven’t frequented Flagship Lounges because I don’t fly AA that much anymore with my relocation to Atlanta, and I’m not now, nor have I ever been an AA Executive Platinum. My previous Flagship Lounge experiences were all courtesy of international First Class itineraries. Indeed, my JFK visit was available to me as a First Class customer on an AA 3-class transcon flight. In my case, I was purposely there to sample the AA A321T product.

The JFK Flagship Lounge is located in AA’s terminal 8, just beyond security. It is housed within the B Concourse Admirals Club. You enter the regular club, and upon check in, they will provide you with a key card for access to the Flagship Lounge, which is just to the right of the Admirals Club check in desk. I was politely assisted, and offered a key to the lounge, which I happily took. Once inside, the lounge concierge greeted me, and took the key card. I’m guessing they’d just give you another if you needed to leave, but I did not….I had 3 hours to kill, and I was looking forward to enjoying the lounge. For the first 40 minutes, I was the only customer there.


Furnishings weren’t necessarily better than you’d find in the Admirals Club, but they had me at power outlets. In short, there were power outlets everywhere! I arrived just as the staff was transitioning from breakfast to lunch. I would enjoy a full dinner on my 3:30PM flight to LAX, but I wanted to at least sample the food. Being the only person there, I was able to enjoy a few lunch items before I was joined by more customers. The lunch spread was great for a US airline lounge and included different salads, cheeses, etc. There were two soups, Minestrone and a chili.




The food was tasty….I was actually pleased with it. It wouldn’t pass muster at some international lounges, but it was what it was. I enjoyed lunch. There was also a complimentary self-serve bar setup.



I’ve become a bit of a wine snob, even if I don’t understand why or how. The Show Cabernet is certainly drinkable, but I don’t love it. Admittedly, even though I had the opportunity, I did not try the rest of the wines to see if I liked something better. No matter what, I appreciated the opportunity to relax in a very quiet lounge with reasonable food and drink options. That said, I think my favorite part of the JFK Flagship Lounge experience was the beautiful views of the ramp. In short, I was geeking things up when it came to plane spotting.



That A321T in the shot was ultimately my ride to LAX. 🙂 In the end, I really enjoyed the AA Flagship Lounge at JFK. Furnishings were comfortable, the atmosphere was pleasant (and in my case, exclusive), and the upgraded food was a step up from the usual Admirals Club fare. I enjoyed my visit, and it was a great setup for the A321T First Class experience.

-MJ, August 17, 2014