I haven’t flown much this summer. Once in May (I know, not quite summer), a few times in June, a few in July. Only 6 or 8 flights in total. How many were on time, you ask? Exactly one. I’ve been flooded out, stormed out, timed out and we don’t know why’d out on every flight but one. That one flight was to San Juan where Lady Astrojets and I boarded a very fine cruise, so a quick shout-out to American Airlines for an equally very fine flight!

I know a lot of people have flown much more, and I feel for them. I didn’t have a good feeling for travel as the summer approached, and it turns out that I was right. Knowing the things I know about airlines and their semi-dysfunctional functions, I correctly (ok, I’m biased) forecast that the combination of record numbers of passengers, reduced numbers of seats, fewer employees to handle them and global warming would not yield a good result for travelers this summer.

How’s your summer on the road been so far? I’ll share some more details about mine as I get the time.