I know my first reaction to the title of this post would be a big “so what?” But I honestly don’t remember the last time I called an airline and offered them the opportunity to sell me their product. I had a discount certificate that could only be done by phone, so that was the reason for my old style ticket purchase technique!

It got me to thinking… it is entirely possible to purchase a ticket, print your boarding pass, board a flight and fly all the way to the other side of our great country at a speed of 9 miles per minute, and never speak to another human being. And we wonder why some airlines seem cold and impersonal.

For the record, the airline was US Airways, and the telephone agent could not have been more helpful. Probably helps that I’m a Chairman’s Preferred flyer with US Airways, but still.

Well, as I warned in my first post….this blog could contain some stuff that falls into the “just what’s on my mind” category. This certainly qualifies for that, huh?