I’ve had my eye out for a new travel wallet for a while. The Bolzano travel wallet I picked up when United was running its Amenity (I think that’s what it was called) travel club has been getting a little worn looking. While still serviceable, it was time for a change. Frankly, I am focused on reducing the amount of stuff that travels around with me, and I was looking for a wallet that would carry my most important travel cards, passport, and a little spare cash. A mention of All-ETT wallets by Points and Travel had caught my eye at some point, but I filed the information away for future reference.

A couple months ago, I had travel wallets on my mind when getting ready for a trip, so I took a look at the All-ETT website. They have a wide selection of wallets for men and women. The RFID Passport Wallet caught my eye, so I placed an order for one. Within a few days, it arrived and I immediately liked it. It is smaller than my previous travel wallet, but that is what I had in mind. It protects my passport, has slots for cards (that can be doubled up if you want), and an ID slot where I place my Global Entry card.

a black leather wallet on a wood surface


The wallet has clean lines, and appears to be well constructed to this leather goods non-expert. I was in the market for a travel wallet with a smaller footprint and this fits the bill….and my passport too. đŸ™‚


a wallet with cards and a passport

As I noted above, the card slots can contain more than one card, and the top slot is doubled up for me with my Amex Platinum card, and my company charge card for easy reach during my travels. There’s also a dual currency slot, which I use…one for cash, the other for drink coupons. The wallet is perfect for me, and easily fits in a front pocket slot in my briefcase for business trips, or my backpack for personal trips. I don’t begin to understand how threatened RFID passports are by identity theft, but the protection offered by the wallet is an added bonus. For me, it’s a perfect travel solution. I liked it so much I bought a Classic RFID Card Security Case to use as my walking around wallet. It has slots for 3 cards and a clear case on the backside for your driver’s license. I’ve found that it can accommodate two cards per slot as well, but I rarely need to do so. If you’re like me, you have a couple of cards you focus spend on with some in another wallet that get less use. This is a good solution if that’s the way you handle cards.

In the end, I really like the travel wallet, and the card case that I bought. Since this is a travel wallet review, here are the pros and cons of the wallet in my humble opinion.


  • Solid construction
  • Reasonable price
  • RFID protection
  • Smaller footprint than some travel wallets I’ve used
  • Fits perfectly in my briefcase


  • If you like to print your boarding passes and carry them around in your travel wallet, they will extend beyond the length of the wallet unless you fold them
  • If you carry a lot of elite status and other cards, etc with you, you may not like doubling up the cards as there are only 4 slots

If you’re in the market for a travel wallet, or any wallet, take a look at the products from All-ETT. I like the construction, and especially the thinness of their products.

-MJ, July 19, 2014