One thing that is guaranteed to piss me off is the use of the word “aircrafts”. There is no such word in the English language, just like there are no “sheeps” – there is one sheep, two sheep and so on. It’s the same with the word aircraft, as I’ve written about before.

I would have expected that people in the aviation industry would get this right, however it appears I was wrong. I stumbled across a real clanger recently and so I decided to share.

Aircrafts Rears Its Ugly Head

You may have heard that SAS has introduced a new livery. Naturally they are pretty happy about that, as you would be. While meandering to the SAS web site to look at booking some flights, I was confronted by this horror.

All thoughts of celebrating the new colour scheme went out of the window when I saw this. In actual fact, I trundled right back to the British Airways web site and booked a Stockholm to Dublin flight with them instead of with SAS. I was that disgusted!

SAS Do Some Cute Things Online Though

What did make me go “aww” several weeks earlier when visiting the Scandinavian Airlines web site was their error screen. For some reason I managed to get it and got this for my troubles.

Saying the page is in “flight mode” amused me quite a bit, hence why I did a screen grab to share in a future article. I enjoy it when things that could be irritating are turned into something fun.

Overall Thoughts

It is pretty safe to say that I despise the word “aircrafts”. Call me a stickler for spelling and grammar, but as far as I am concerned, the evolution of English doesn’t include this word. What’s next, “hovercrafts” and “spacecrafts”? Horrific. Most people who make the error do have English as a second or third language, so I get it, but still.

By the way, I didn’t really switch to booking with British Airways because of SAS using this word. I’m not quite that much of a snowflake – there were other reasons that helped make that decision.

What say you good people of the Internet? Are you a person who whips out the word “aircrafts” to make me wince or do you know how to speak properly? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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