It is interesting to look at word differences in the aviation industry. In different countries using the English language, certain things are named in different ways.

People who learn English as a second language usually get a particular word incorrect. Whenever I see it, it annoys me because it is just so very wrong.

Looking at Aircraft

The aviation word in question is the word aircraft. Very simple, right? An aircraft is a machine that is capable of flight. No surprises there at least. The issue arises when it comes to the plural.

Aircraft is a collective word, like “sheep”. One sheep, two sheep, three sheep and so on. It is the same with aircraft, which means there is no such thing as the word “aircrafts”. I see it all the time on aviation forums, but it should not exist.

Aviation Word Differences

Harking back to word differences, there are a couple that spring to mind. That tube you board through at most airports? In Australia, it is an aerobridge while in some places it is a jetbridge or a jetway.

That machine you fly on from city to city? Well it is an aeroplane in most places but in North America it is an airplane. It isn’t used anywhere else as far as I know.

Overall Thoughts

Everyone in aviation should educate our friends in the correct use of the word aircraft. Using “aircrafts” instead is so common that lecturers delivering degrees in aviation specifically advise students about it.

Even so, you can understand the error since the general rule in English is to throw an S on the end when it’s plural. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Alan Wilson via Wikimedia Commons.