British Airways operate a some flights as tags at the end of other services. For example, the flights from London Heathrow to Nassau continue on twice a week to Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands. That’s about 400 miles and takes an hour and a half, but there is one route that is just 62 miles long.

Originating in London Gatwick, there’s a non-stop flight to Antigua in the Caribbean. Twice a week it makes the 100km hop across from there to St. Kitts. The schedule shows it’s 45 minutes from Antigua and 30 minutes back.

Flying 62 Miles Cost How Much Now?

A large widebody Boeing 777 operates the route, meaning you can choose to fly in World Traveller (economy class), World Travller Plus (premium economy) or Club World (business class). This could be a great opportunity to treat yourself, if you wanted to.

Flying a one way out of St. Kitts is cheaper, but the flight is also 15 minutes shorter. Not sure I’d fork out for business class on this trip, you’d be lucky to get a drink!

There’s something wrong with the display pricing anyway. When you do a return flight, it shows as $52 each way but the total then comes out at $297.40 for economy, $696.70 for PE and then $955.80 for Club World.

What about using Avios frequent flyer points? Both flights cost 9,250 Avios in economy, 11,500 in premium economy and 15,000 in business class. The co-payment is €0.50, so if you’re miles rich, that could be an option! It’s cheaper than paying full whack, at any rate.

Overall Thoughts

If I was in Antigua, I’d happily pop across to St. Kitts on British Airways and fly the 62 miles. It has to be more fun than taking a boat, doesn’t it?

Paying cash is pretty pricey, so I would probably want to use some Avios to do the trip instead. That being said, you can use similar amounts of Avios on longer flights so you’d really only do this if you were in this part of the world.

62 miles or bust! Have you ever flown between St. Kitts and Antigua? What was it like? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Chris Lofting on via Wikimedia Commons.