When it comes to business class airline tickets, I have a few expectations. On the ground, I expect lounge access and while in the air, I expect to be fed, watered and to have the option to treat myself to something alcoholic.

Not unreasonably, I also expect to earn frequent flyer points on my ticket. After all, I have paid a price premium over economy class and therefore should also receive more benefits on my loyalty card.

The Pain Of Zero Miles

Recently I had to cheat on the oneworld alliance and purchase a ticket on an airline in a rival alliance. Let’s call this airline Lufthansa and for arguments sake, let’s say it’s based in Germany.

About three weeks in advance I purchased a ticket from Dublin to Toulouse via Frankfurt. Outbound I’m in economy class, and for the return I decided to fork out the extra €110 for business class, as €55 per flight is reasonable in my book.

The fare classes are L on the outbound flights and P on the returns. Wanting to credit my miles somewhere, I looked into Star Alliance programmes. Perhaps Aegean’s Miles+Bonus scheme would be good? It is, however you earn zero miles on Lufthansa tickets in L and P class.

Friends have always said good things about Asiana Club, so I had a peek over there too. Once again, L class tickets in economy and P class tickets in business class earn no miles.

So What?

For some people, this is a whole bag of “Who cares?” with my name on it. The thing is, if I was thinking to switch all my flying to a new alliance, I am hardly going to be attracted when flights in business class earn zero miles.

I completely get it when the cheapest of cheap economy class fares earn no miles or earn at a vastly reduced rate. Discounted business class on the other hand is still a premium over an economy fare and earning miles and status should be an integral part of the deal.

Overall Thoughts

For the frequent flyer who likes to collect miles and points, rise the ranks in status and enjoy the perks, earning zero miles on a premium class ticket is a bit on the nose. In my case, I decided not to bother joining a Star Alliance programme at all. For once, I’ll just let the miles go.

I’m not entirely sure on the reasoning behind this, either. It’s not like I had an option to pay more in order to earn points. There was only one choice and that was the one I took.

What do you think about some tickets in business class earning no miles or status? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Star Alliance.