I run a conference call with my actual job, and this happens. What? I strongly doubt that anyone who reads this piece will not have already taken in a post from Gary this morning. I’m sure many of you have read about Lucky’s Kickstarter campaign to fund a review of the awesome looking Etihad suites/apartments/whatever. I publicly admit to having donated $10 bucks to this little effort all in good fun, and in actually wanting to read Lucky’s review of the product. Believe me, I give far more to charity and my church every other week.

Well, it seems one of AA’s spokespeople took issue with this on her personal Twitter account. I won’t repeat the screenshots here as I do not wish to add any fuel to the fire, but the gist of the Tweet was something to the effect of “please don’t publicize this idiot….” Lucky, politely took issue with that, and the PR person again Tweeting from her private account apologized.

Comments on Gary’s post are rolling in, with some carrying sticks and rocks, others agreeing with the PR person, and still more asking can we all just move on? These kinds of things serve as a stark reminder to those of us around social media that words do matter. I wish the PR person had not used such strong language, but I am glad she apologized publicly. I hope she will pick up the phone and call Lucky personally too. Then, I hope we all just move on. Lucky isn’t holding a gun to anyone’s head insisting they contribute to his effort. On the other hand, people are entitled to their own opinions. Finally, we all slip up from time to time. When it happens, apologize sincerely, and move on. I hope that’s what happens here.

-MJ, May 8, 2014