You would be forgiven for thinking there is no worst feature of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Everyone lavishes praise on the aircraft for all the wonderful things it has. Larger windows, fuel efficient design, all electric architecture, a lower cabin altitude and a heads up display for the pilots.

For years it was trumpeted as the aircraft that could do everything but read. However, there is an insidious feature of the Boeing 787, one people expect to love which actually the worst and a complete and utter annoyance.

A Little About Those Windows

On the surface, it seems the windows should be a passenger pleasing feature. They are the largest on any aircraft and they go from transparent to opaque electrically meaning no more blinds. Perfect!

While passengers have control of their individual windows, there is a cabin crew override. The crew can select to dim the windows or otherwise whenever they want to. Probably a good thing for those flights where people want to sleep, right?

No more having that one person with their blinds wide open in a cabin where everyone is trying to sleep, flooding the cabin with light. While it all sounds great, it is actually the worst thing ever.

Worst Features Of Those Windows

There are two terrible things about the windows. First, they are too high. It’s nice to look at the sky, but really a person would rather see what is going on below. Perhaps it is because I am not tall, but I find them far too high for comfort. Second, this happens.

During flight when it is daytime and the crew decide they want everyone to sleep, midnight blue is the tint and it makes everything blue. Apart from making taking pictures a total bitch, everything outside is also blue. It is just annoying and I love the colour blue so I’d be all for it otherwise.

One other thing which may or may not be related is the fact that the windows seem to fog up after being dark the whole flight. This means while there is plenty of light being let in, you still can’t see out. It goes against the whole point of larger windows in my mind.

Overall Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and all its technical brilliance. It provides a good ride, is efficient and advanced but the windows have let it down on each flight I have been on. This means that despite my wanting to love the aircraft, I’m not really all that fussed and prefer the Airbus A350 with its normal windows.

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Featured image by BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada via Wikimedia Commons