After I arrived in Dublin on Finnair, I settled in to my new home. Naturally I went on other flights not connected with the around-the-world ticket, until it was time to go to Russia. Here’s a review of the flight from London Heathrow to Moscow Domodedovo as I wrote about it back in 2005. Seems like I was a bit of a hit with the cabin crew!

I caught the first train out of Piccadilly Circus tube station at 5:45am, meaning I was at the airport by 6:30am. Found Zone R in Terminal 1 for the higher classes check-in, and did so. There was a five minute wait at the desk however, as a security person has to check the Passports of people going to Russia, and he wasn’t around. Eventually, the check-in agent went and got him, which was good of her.

Terraces Lounge London Heathrow Terminal 1

From there, I went to the Terraces Lounge. There was a big queue waiting to get in, however this only lasted a couple of minutes. What can I say about this lounge? It had me absolutely amazed! The blue neon light behind the drinks, the curved bar, the funky colourful furniture… I decided to start drinking and availed myself of a couple of gin & tonics. I also had some food, but the selection wasn’t that exciting to me. I’m not a big eater at 6:30am anyway.

Shortly I noticed that they had a smoking room. Through the glass I could see – could it be true? – vintage travel posters! I decided that I desperately needed a cigarette and visited the room. The temperature was about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the lounge, but it was worth it for a smoke, and also to see the old BOAC and Imperial Airways travel posters that adorn the walls. A really good space! Used the Internet, took a photo of the lounge, and then proceeded to board.

BA872 – London Heathrow to Moscow Domodedovo (LHR-DME)
18 October 2005
Boeing 767-336ER
Seat: Club Europe ?A

Club Europe was quite full on this flight, and I took my seat in the lovely British Airways faux leather / vinyl seats. The 767 has very little overhead space, and my bag almost didn’t fit. I had to visit the toilet twice before take-off as the lounge alcohol was making its presence felt.

Flight attendants scurried around, and soon we were ready for take-off. The safety demonstration complete, we were in the air after only 15 minutes on the ground at Heathrow.

Business Class Service

In-flight service started quite quickly. A Flight Attendant called Kess laid out the tablecloth on my tray, and soon after the first part of the meal was served. It was a fruit plate, with kiwi fruit and what have you, along with a yoghurt with nuts which was for dessert. At the time, I thought, “If this is all we get, it’s a pretty poor effort!”, but later on we received some kind of flan as the hot addition to our meal.

I was already into the champagne and had finished my first piccolo by the end of the service. Kess asked if I wanted more when collecting the trays, but he forgot until later when he looked at me and went, “Oh!” Happily, he returned with two piccolos, which I proceeded to work my way through.

Interviewing Cabin Crew!

Tipsily, I made my way to the galley and chatted to a flight attendant who works part time, which means 75% of normal hours. They fill in for other people. She was very nice, and was in the galley as they have to have a crew member in them at all times.

After that, I chatted to an Australian expat (like me!) crew member in the galley about several things, including how the crew weren’t allowed to layover in Russia due to Visa restrictions, so none of them had seen the country. In the meantime, other crew came through and were asking me if I was crew with an airline as I was so friendly!

Duty Free?!

Anyway, I sat back down eventually as we were nearing Moscow. A flight attendant came by and said, “Sir, here’s the duty free you ordered!” – and of course I hadn’t ordered any, but spotted booze in the bag!

Several announcements had taken place saying that they had no English language landing cards, but BA organised with the airport to have representatives at the jetway when we landed which was pretty good.

We landed on time, and before deplaning I thanked the guy who delivered my “duty free” and proceeded through Passport control and customs with no hassles at all. I checked when I got to the hotel, and my duty free was –

* 1 x White Wine
* 1 x Champagne
* 3 x Mini Gordon’s Gin
* 3 x Mini Vodka
* 1 x Mini Tonic Water
* 1 x Mini Soda Water

How happy was I!!!

Overall Thoughts

Excellent flight, with an amazing crew. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed myself more on a flight at any other time.

And that’s how I reported on the London Heathrow to Moscow Domodedovo flight back in 2005. Getting that lovely present from the crew before landing has always stuck in my mind. Perhaps this surprise and delight element is what has made me a firm British Airways frequent flyer, who knows!

Have you ever received a gift from the crew for just being friendly? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by BriYYZ via Wikimedia Commons.