Yesterday, I received what seems to be a monthly email from US Airways Dividend Miles. It’s always good fodder for blogs, including this one. The tagline – up to 100 % bonus miles for buying or gifting miles. My advice is always the same, nothing wrong with topping off your account if you have a specific award in mind. Further, if you know there’s availability, this isn’t the worst deal in the world for a J class seat if you need to go somewhere at just shy of $1900 for buying 50K and getting a 50K bonus. But you already knew that.

I do wonder from time to time if this continue after AAdvantage and Dividend Miles become one? Certainly, Dividend Miles is not the only seller of miles, and their new partners at AAdvantage have offered the occasional purchase bonus opportunity from time to time. However, I don’t recall routine offers for up to 100 % bonuses.

American and US Airways, and their respective mileage programs, are of course, different companies and programs that are now becoming one. The business case for selling a Dividend Mile may be different than selling an AAdvantage mile. A bigger network, a bigger airline, a bigger program will likely act differently once they become one. On the other hand, the airline has control over its inventory, and when it lets you use those miles…..why not take the cash if someone is willing to hand it to you?

In the end, I think US Airways’ role as a bit player in Star Alliance that has now evolved into a cornerstone of Oneworld will make a difference here. I think it is less likely that these 100 % bonus mile deals appear on the scene in the future. What say you? Do you think the new American will continue to be a cheap producer of miles?

-MJ, May 6, 2014