Flying is such a luxury. Being whisked from Point A to Point B at over 500 miles per hour never ceases to amaze me. Enjoying a window seat view from 39,000 feet is a piece of heaven on earth. But it’s even better with a delectable cup of coffee in hand. Here’s why airplane coffee is my only choice when flying.

It Keeps the Immune System Strong

If there is one thing in flight coffee is known for, it is for it’s immune-boosting properties. All the studies show this. It’s bound to be contaminated with E. coli, which means if it doesn’t kill you, it just makes you stronger.

Given the number of cups I’ve had without dying, I ought to be unstoppable by now.

It Doesn’t Dull the Senses

You might think that a gin and tonic is a far better in-flight beverage. Don’t fall for it. When you’re jetting along at five miles above the ground, you want to savor every moment. Every. Moment. Being stuck in a metal tube with 242 other people is an experience like no other. Pounding down a couple alcoholic drinks and passing out is just wrong.

Enjoy talking with your seat mate. Walk barefoot up and down the aisle. Take in the lavatory smells. And above all, clap when you land. It’s the best way to celebrate the wonder of flight.

It’s A Great Reminder of Excellent Coffee

I enjoy every cup of in-flight coffee. The dominant flavor profile is usually either acrid burnt beans or watered-down dirt. It’s perfect. I’m reminded of how good I have it. It’s not everyday you can enjoy such an excellent cup of joe! There’s no comparison. It’s nigh impossible to find such excellent grounds on the ground.

Airplane Coffee. Always.

Drink in the airplane coffee. It’ll make you high on life.