I am sure this is such a strange problem to have, but I have a very difficult problem when answering people (*ahem* timeshare agents) when they ask where I want to travel. To be honest, everywhere I have wanted to go I have been to, at least once. I would certainly love to travel more regularly and often, and have been to some amazing places that I could go back to, but in terms of new ideas I draw from others.


Where I have been

When can I go back to Tokyo?

When can I go back to Tokyo?

This is not a final list, but several top of mind places that I have been to and would go again are below.


Amazing culture, food, luxury hotels, and I am sure there is more in the country to see. Having only been to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, there is plenty more to see in Japan, and within those cities as well. Hopefully I will be able to take a longer period of travel there, to fully explore outside the touristy areas and enjoy more of the local culture.


I have not been here with the lady, but previously went to Germany, France, Italy, England, and Switzerland. I would like to explore more, but am not particularly enthusiastic or making plans to do so. Due to a pact she made with one of her friends, we can’t go to Paris until both of us have significant others. Thus, we wait! I have the Park Hyatt Vendome on my radar.


I have to wait for this.

I have to wait for this.

Toronto and Montreal come to mind, and I am sure I’ve been to Vancouver sometime before. Great place with good culture and food. I’d go back, but not anytime soon.

United States

Thanks to churning, I have had excellent exposure to many of the amazing places around the US – Chicago, Tampa, Orlando, Washington DC, Atlantic City, Philly, and of course, Las Vegas. Some of them I’d go back to, but like Europe nothing is in the works.


Got Any Ideas?


This one has been relentlessly pushed by my lady, because in 50 years “they will go away”. Certainly, beaches are pretty, and with the opening of the St. Regis Maldives Vommuli I am very motivated to go and experience this two-thousand dollar hotel. However, due to their insane points price appreciation (from 30K to 95K) most likely I’ll be staying at the Sheraton or W hotel in the not-too-distant future.


Macau Tower

Macau Tower

The lady has family here, and I suppose it sounds like a different and interesting place worth a visit.


She has been to Macau a couple times, and says good things. I would love to experience Asia’s version of Las Vegas, to compare and contrast the two gambling meccas. I have read so much about the Cotai Strip and want to see this gambling center, that outstrips (pun intended) Las Vegas on several levels.



Lastly, I am very fortunate to have both the ability and the financial resources to travel as widely as I do, certainly with the help of churning and manufactured spend. I do not know if I should feel bad being very ambivalent about travel and not having places I am super excited and looking forward to going to. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very for travelling, but consistently find myself at a loss when that timeshare agent is up at the whiteboard asking me “Where do you want to go”. I usually respond with the lady’s answers – Maldives, Australia, etc. – since most of my enjoyment is within the hotel, rather than where the hotel is located. Who knows, this could change in the next several months!


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