Yes, there is a reason I don’t post my name on this blog. I’m not hiding from anyone or afraid of anything. In fact, I’m considering introducing the man behind the initials any day now. However, there could be implications to my doing so, and I need to work through those before I do.

My current employer (no, blogging does not pay my bills just yet) is one that many readers will know, and my particular position puts me in touch with a lot of interesting issues that relate to aviation. Not just airlines, but the whole kit and caboodle…. air traffic control, safety, security, customer service, not to mention general and corporate aviation…a plethora of cool stuff that I would love to talk about. I have not and will not blog about anything directly related to my job. That just would not be appropriate. But I can certainly talk about travel experiences, past and present, as well as a host of topics that I think you’ll find interesting and useful. I can be especially helpful in navigating the crazy-quilt world that air travel has become, and have a number of survival strategies to help make travel bearable. Things you’re seeing at the airport not making any sense? I spent four years managing a large airport operation for a major airline, I’ll gladly give you my perspective….not only as a former airline manager, but current customer too.

In the meantime, here’s a piece of my aviation resume:

Commercial Pilot (and as my bio states…Diabetes took care of that)
-2,000 hours total flying time
-1,000 jet/turboprop
-Soloed at age 16 and flew on from there

Maintenance and Engineering/Quality Assurance Auditor
-Station safety and surveillance
-Repair and overhaul supplier safety and surveillance
-Fuel supplier safety and surveillance

Manager – Customer Service
-Passenger and Ramp Operations
-Security Coordinator
-Environmental Coordinator
-Regulatory Liaison
-Station Safety Manager
-Airport Automation Lead Manager

In any event, anonymous or not, I’m honored that you stopped by. And a special welcome to those of you referred from I hope to see you again soon.