The main event in the Qantas International First Class lounge in Sydney is the cuisine on offer. There is an array of food like that served in a quality restaurant available for anyone who has access here.

There are some staples that remain on the menu from season to season due to their popularity. Let’s have a look and see what these are and what they are like.

Entering The Lounge

Qantas operate both a First Class and Business Class lounge in Terminal 1 at Sydney Airport. These are accessed by escalators, with the First Class lounge located immediately at the top.

Once inside, you can ask the people at the desk to store your luggage which will save you carting it about. Finding a seat at a dining table is relatively easy, as there are plenty available.

So What Is The Food Like?

When seated, one of the efficient staff members will come by with a menu and ask if you would like a drink. The menu is quite extensive, with plenty of options available. After your order is taken, the dishes arrive fairly swiftly.

Quite frankly, you have to have the Salt & Pepper Calamari and the Pavlova, staples of this lounge. The food is always divine and pretty much unmissable when visiting here. I thoroughly recommend it!

How’s The Lounge Itself?

Anyone is welcome to a free spa treatment in the lounge, however First Class passengers on Qantas get first dibs on bookings. I was not able to secure one on this visit, so sitting quietly waiting for my flight was the name of the game for me.

The lounge is quiet and relaxed, with attentive yet not obsequious service. It is a really nice pre-flight experience for customers with high status in the oneworld alliance and first class passengers.

Overall Thoughts

I always like visiting the Qantas International First Class lounge in Sydney. It’s comforting to know there will be the squid and pavlova available during the day, plus other delicious dishes to choose from.

If you’re passing through Sydney and have access here, make sure you get to the airport early to enjoy it. Believe me, it is well worth the time!

What do you think of this lounge? Are there any other dishes you’d recommend? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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