In Sydney, Qantas operates an International First Class lounge for its best passengers. As luck would have it, those of us with oneworld Emerald status are also allowed in when travelling in any class.

I was heading on holidays with my Mum to Norfolk Island for her birthday and this was part of the surprise. She tends to travel interstate and never overseas, so I knew this would be a one time chance for her to try this lounge.

Entry and Dining Room

The Australian airline’s service to Norfolk Island is domestic, but it leaves from the international terminal. On arrival, we were smilingly let in and passed the lovely living wall before heading up the escalators into the lounge.

As we were tired after queuing for over an hour, we beelined for a dining table and sat down. In fact there are two or three separate areas setup for restaurant dining, filled with plenty of tables for two.

Winter 2022 Breakfast Menu

All staff are trained and provided by Sofitel, which means the service is wonderful. Shortly after sitting down, we had the breakfast menu in our hands and were making selections.

Both of us decided on the Signature Breakfast, which is two eggs poached, scrambled or fried with bacon, pork chipolata, hash brown and roast potato. We also went for a couple of coffees, a fruit salad and I naturally also had a Mimosa and a water.

An International First Class Lounge Breakfast

Quite quickly, the barista had made our coffees and they were duly delivered. Without much further ado, our breakfast also arrived. The swift service is welcome, especially when you might be flying soon.

Naturally everything was really nice and we cleaned our plates. The coffee is also pretty delicious, so absolutely no complaints from me really. While I am easy to please, I would say if it was terrible.

Offices and Library

Once done we went for a wander around the lounge and I showed my Mum around. First we happened upon the offices and then of course the library, which is down one end.

There are plenty of books to flip through if you so desire and several copies of some of them. You can’t take them with you, but they will help pass the time.

Buffet and Seating

Near the library is the buffet, which I thought was an interesting thing to have in a lounge where food is the main event. I suppose some people do like to get their own little snacks if they want to and it seemed some people had.

There is plenty of seating, but I found it to be more for looks than for actual comfort. You wouldn’t really be wanting to sit on some of the chairs for very long.

Overall Thoughts

With its friendly and attentive service, menu, sweeping views and delicious interior, there is a lot to love about the Qantas International First Class lounge in Sydney. I always enjoy visiting there and have yet to have a bad experience, which I guess is the whole point!

What do you think of this lounge? Have you visited before? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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